Why Have a Winter Wedding?

Why have Winter Wedding

Should you have a wedding in winter?

Winter weddings are a growing trend I’ve noticed the past few years – and for several great reasons.  Of course, summers have been the go-to season forever however like many things these days, couples are looking for different. They want originality and to have their own unique stories told.

Blazing heat can make a hot mess of any bride’s carefully wedding hair.  Everyone packs their summers with family time and vacations so with summertime weddings, some guests may not be able to make it to your warm-weathered festivities. For some guests you may consider this a plus but in most cases it’s a bit of a bummer. With a winter wedding, schedules are more flexible and you can avoid all that.

Winter Bridesmaid dresses photo

For my own nerdy photography reasons however – winter wedding photos and holiday-themed wedding decor look spectacular!  Here are just a few reasons why winter weddings rock…

1. Less Weather Stress

Since most of the wedding day takes place inside, the risk of rain and wind can make summer events stressful and often costly if you need to add backup plans such as tents.  Removing Mother Nature from the equation means less stress for you and your guests.  That said, outdoor wedding ceremonies – while cold – can be epic with the new fallen snow draping surrounding trees.

An added anti-stress bonus is that since you’ll have a snowy white backdrop – any colour palette will work!

Winter ceremony outdoor photo Trillium

Trillium Resort wedding ceremony

2. Venue + Vendor Availability

Most locations and vendors book up quickly during the traditional summer months and as a result they often come with a higher price tag.  In the off-peak times however like winter – many of these venues and vendors have more availability and sometimes come at a lower price point. Popular locations and vendors can often have multiple weddings every weekend during peak season so in typically slower winter months they’ll be better able to focus their attention on your big day.

A side note many overlook is the added flexibility to come in and set up early, as there’s likely not another event right before (or after) yours where the venue needs the space.

Sherwood Inn Wedding in Winter photo

3. Cheaper Travel + Accommodations

We all understand that typical travel and hotels are at peak pricing in the summer, when school is out and families take their vacations. With the exception of perhaps ski resorts, winter weddings allow guests to take advantage of off-season pricing for their travel and accommodation options. Clearly a win for everyone’s budget.

Snow Sleigh and skiis

Sleigh Ride Wedding Idea

4. Stand Out

Perhaps the most obvious reason for planning a winter wedding is the opportunity to stand out and do something original with your I Dos.  From seasonal decor and flowers, there’s oodles of inspiration for your theme that will stand out in a sea of tradition. Embrace the season by throwing blankets on guests’ chairs and consider a hot signature drink to keep everyone warm.

5. Wedding Overload

Summer and fall are often jam-packed with multiple weddings – so much so that you and your guests can easily catch a serious case of wedding overload. A January, February or even March wedding in snowy winter wonderland will likely be the only one your guests attend that season.

Winter wedding decor ideas

Winter wedding decor

6. No Hot Mess

Let’s face it, the summer can be fun but at formal events many people just don’t deal with the heat and humidity well. It makes them irritated, cranky, and not to mention, a sweaty mess. You can always add layers if it ends up being a little chilly, however in those hot months you can’t exactly take off your clothes. The lack of humidity is also a huge plus. Your hair and makeup thank you in advance.

Winter wedding cape

7. Winterized Glam

Enjoy many more accessory options. Embrace the holiday season by topping off your wedding dress with a show-stopping faux fur shawl or white velvet cape for a little extra glamour to your look.

Bridesmaids robes in winter

Bridesmaids faux dur shawls in snow

8. Comfort Menu

Cold weather calls for mouth watering comfort options like poutine, mac and cheese, classic grilled cheese, s’mores, stuffing balls and french onion soup. While the snow blows and icicles glisten outside, you and your guests are cozy inside while the party rages on into the night.

9. Perfect Timing for a Tropical Honeymoon

Once your chilly festivities wrap up you and your hubby can hop a plane bound for a tropical island paradise. From Canada’s fluffy white stuff to the turquoise waters and sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Check out a few of my favourite destination wedding resorts to shoot when I’m down south.

Destination Wedding photo

Muskoka winter wedding p photo

10. Last But Obviously Not Least

In our Muskoka area, winter is over-the-top beautiful. As you’ll notice in my portfolio, I love me a beautiful sunset on the beach – however there’s something warm and emotional about a couple cuddled into one another while surrounded by trees draped in fresh fallen snow.  The soft lighting common in winter can’t be matched.

Cold Weddings in Winter

Snowy Wedding Photo

Trillium Resort Wedding Winter

11. Bonus Bits

  • Any venue you select will likely already be decorated for the holiday season providing you beautiful, built-in decor that’s already in place.  Less work, less money from your budget.
  • Your vendors will likely be a little less busy so you’ll likely get things like your wedding photos or video back sooner.
  • An experienced winter wedding photographer will have plans in place to keep everyone as warm and happy as possible throughout the day.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar!  Your guests will appreciate this warm welcome beverage during your cocktail hour topped with fun fixin’s like marshmallows, graham crackers, whip cream, brownie pieces, candy cane crumble and shaved coconut. The Instagram’rs in your crowd will have a field day!
  • For the same reasons, consider a warm apple cider station complete with cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and ooey gooey caramel sauce for drizzling.

Planning a winter wedding? Reach out and see if I have your date available!

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