7 Reasons why you should have a Destination Wedding

Why have a destination wedding

Sun, sand, palm trees and blue skies for days!  Here are 7 more reasons to have a destination wedding

Just picture your toes nestled deep in the warm sand, your hair in the Caribbean breeze and the turquoise waters disappearing into the distance.  A beautiful beach ceremony under tall palm trees awaits!  Or maybe you’d prefer a tropical garden ceremony full of colourful foliage and such?  Destination weddings have either option readily available.

Destination weddings are often much less expensive than weddings back at home.  Churches, wedding venues, caterers, DJs, beverages etc… weddings add up fast locally.  Most resorts are all-inclusive so much of that cost is taken care of leaving travel costs as the primary monetary focus.  Budgeting your time is a little easier as well, no time is wasted travelling to the church, to a park or garden for pictures, then on to the reception. From the walk down the aisle to the last dance, everything is right around the corner at your resort.

Resorts nowadays are recognizing weddings as lucrative attractions and a natural extension of their services. Most have full-time wedding coordinators (WC) on staff that consult with you up to a year in advance to make sure your day is exactly as you want it.

Why have a destination wedding

Why have a destination wedding?

Want original wedding photos? Besides the sun, sand and palm trees… destination wedding resorts are ripe with unique architecture and original artistic features that are like cat-nip for cameras.  Imagine you and your betrothed walking hand in hand at sunset with your toes in the warm Caribbean sand.  Freeze that and mount it on your wall to preserve that feeling forever.  Feeling daring and romantic?  A Caribbean beach is a perfect place for a Trash the Dress photo session… no it doesn’t actually “trash” your dress – I explain more about the Trash the Dress session here.

Everyone’s there for your wedding, but before and after your I Dos they can enjoy their vacation getaway on their own or with others in the group.  As the hosts, you may look at doing a group activity or two which is an awesome idea – just keep in mind that they’re on vacation as well.

For financial reasons and/or timing – attending a destination wedding may not be for everyone.  BUT those that are most dear to you are most likely the ones to make the trip.  Each day you’re surrounded in a Caribbean paradise by that very special group!  You get a chance to spend quality time with family and friends over a week rather than just single day.

The honeymoon begins immediately after the reception. No early morning planes to catch, no time wasted travelling and the big one – no additional costs!

Planning a destination wedding? Get in touch here and let’s talk photography!

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