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Engagement session in Windermere, Ontario deep in Muskoka with Sarah and Alex

A trip into Muskoka always gives me enthusiasms… the rocks, trees, lakes and the narrow-winding roads through it all – what’s not to love!  The icing on the cake was hanging out with Sarah and Alex for a few hours – after meeting them a short while ago it was clear these were my kind of people.  What I didn’t realize, is how natural they’d be in front of the camera – laughing, doting and can’t-help-but-smile posing throughout.  They make this humble photog look good.

Time Machine Edit: Here’s their Muskoka Bay Club wedding post – you gotta see how it went down!

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This shoot was memorable in many ways with these super fun, energetic soon-to-be-weds and a picturesque Muskoka backdrop… but it almost became infamous.  As most know who’ve worked with me, I tend to get quite dirty rolling around on the ground and such.  Well, on this occasion while setting up for my next shot Sarah noticed something looking out from under a large stone no more than a couple feet beside me.  I leapt up and at first couldn’t see what it was – but then it made a brief, inquisitive appearance… a furry animal with a not-so-subtle white stripe running the length of it’s back.  Skunk.  Needless to say, our engagement session continued on the other side of the hilltop.

So that’s enough from me, let’s hear from the engagees… it’s a thing.

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Sarah:  We met online.
Alex:  We were set up through a mutual friend… named eharmony.

Sarah:  I remember feeling nervous and excited. I also remember that nothing went as planned – Alex came to Barrie so I was hosting him – my vision of drinks on a pub patio and a walk through the carnival downtown didn’t go as planned – the pub patio was full so we went to a less appealing club (not pub) with aggressive dance music – not ideal for conversation. We then walked down to the carnival which was all closed up. Haha not as romantic as I had hoped! But somehow through all that we still managed to have a nice time and I was excited and hopeful to see him again.

Alex:  I remember it being awkward haha, normally my first dates in the past were quiet pubs or coffee shops, not electro beats and abandoned fairs. As bad as it was I do remember that moment we met and said hi for the first time in person (which is kind of surreal when it was someone you have been communicating with a lot online) and then I remember laying in bed that night after the date had finished thinking about how awesome Sarah seemed despite how bad the date was.

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Sarah:  On our second date. Alex kissed me goodnight and I had never felt butterflies like that before – I couldn’t sleep I was so excited!!

Alex:  It hit me a little later, I can’t remember the exact timing but I remember zoning out while watching a movie with my buddies I lived with at the time, and everything hit me in that one moment. I remember thinking to myself that Sarah was the sweetest, kindest, most caring girl I had ever met, and that she would make the perfect partner in life. I knew she was the one for me.

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Sarah:  Alex had been acting a little off all day. We were just starting a much needed holiday up at my family cottage. Just as we were getting ready to head out for dinner Alex called me down to the dock to check out the sunset. He was fiddling with his new go pro trying to test it out – obviously I proceeded to do model walks up and down the dock for him to capture something. Little did I know he was hoping to capture his proposal. He started playing our song and within a few seconds of him pouring his heart out I knew what was happening and started to cry. He asked and I said yes! I was so excited to be engaged to him that I forgot this deal often came with a ring! He had to remind me of this. It was a really special moment.

Alex:  I had been counting down the days for months as I knew how I wanted to propose and had this date circled on my calendar forever. Of course with all the build up I put a lot of pressure on myself. Problem was nothing was going to plan… We got up to the cottage late, it was pouring rain, and I was running out of excuses to the question “Why are you being so weird?” Luckily the rain stopped and the sun came out just as it was starting to set and I knew it was go time… Only problem was I couldn’t get the damned aforementioned GoPro to work haha. Eventually everything fell into place and she said yes!

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Sarah:  Just one!? I would say How genuinely kind and caring he is. He makes me feel so special everyday.

Alex:  Sarah is already my best friend and loving partner but I know and love that when the time comes she will be such an amazing mom to our future kids.

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Sarah:  That moment that we get to see each other for the first time – followed by a fun filled celebration with all of our family and friends.

Alex:  My favourite part of any wedding is the speeches. I can’t wait to hear some funny stories and moments Sarah’s friends and family will speak about, hopefully block out the stories my family and friends will tell, and then of course the dance party

Engagement Photography in Windermere, Ontario

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