Winter Wedding at Trillium Resort | Allison + Scott

Winter wedding photo on lake at Trillium Resort in Muskoka

Trillium Resort and Spa hosts Allison and Scott’s winter wedding in Port Sydney

From the newsroom to Whistler and now the shores of Devine Lake at one of my favourite Muskoka wedding venuesTrillium Resort – this is how Allison and Scott’s winter wedding day came to be. I’ll say that this was easily the coldest wedding day I’ve experienced, not only at Trillium but eeever.  If I remember correctly it hit -44 with the wind chill.  While it may have modified our schedule a smidge, it didn’t deter Allison, Scott and their bridal posse from hiking onto the lake and into the snow for photos.  That’s true friendship when your best friends are standing tall beside you with the wind biting at your cheeks and your teeth won’t stop chattering.

A highlight for me was their choreographed first dance during their reception. Allison and Scott had taken lessons in the time leading up to the wedding and well – they totally nailed it.

Wedding props, Sleigh and skiis stuck in the snow
Trillium Resort and Spa sign at the front entrance.

Pro Tip for future Brides Planning their Day 

There are several options when it comes to selecting where you would like to get ready the morning of your wedding.  The popular choices are the Falling Water cabin, the upstairs room over the main lodge reception area and the Trillium Spa.  I’ve shot in each of these locations at Trillium and each have their own benefits however my recommendation — follow Allison’s lead and book the Trillium Spa lodge for you and your girls!

The Spa has two floors, the bottom floor is super-spacious with a large stone fireplace, large comfy couches and huge windows. From a wedding photographer’s point of view, this is gold Jerry!  The upstairs has another large room with some fancy furniture and another larger set of windows.  You and your bridesmaids will love all the room you’ll have to roam while they get ready.  Plus it’s away from all the other cabins and main lodge providing plenty of privacy.

The best option for the guys is the meeting room above reception in the main lodge. It’s a large open room with it’s own bathroom.  It has great light and easy access to some nice spots to shoot outside.  It’s also easy to find so groomsmen don’t get lost!

Well I’ve yammered on long enough, let’s get back on track and hear more about how Allison and Scott’s day went in their own words…

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Groomsmen dressed as lumberjacks standing on Devine Lake in winter.
Groom details like tie, shoes and watch photo


We met at work. Scott and I are both employees at a TV news station and started there within a few weeks of each other. We didn’t work very closely together, but would say hello in passing in the newsroom.

Bride getting ready photo in the Spa at Trillium Resort in Port Sydney - Muskoka


Allison: We went skiing in Whistler for our first date. It was a full day, which of course was a bit scary, but we had worked together so knew each other a bit. I remember how easy he was to talk to, and how many things we learned we had in common. The other aspect of the date was a bit stressful! My parents were skiing in Whistler that day as well, and I kept trying to dodge them so they wouldn’t meet Scotty on our first date!

Scott: I guess I was a bit less stressed than Allison, because I was relatively oblivious to how much we were trying to dodge her parents. I was having an amazing day. When a beautiful woman, who I already thought was really fun, asked me on a ski date, there was no hesitation in my answer… Yes. I remember how much fun it was and how easy it was to chat with her (especially when you consider we had two long car rides that day and many chairlift rides together.. so lots of time for awkward silences).

Wedding shoes
Bride putting on her wedding shoes getting ready photo in Trillium Resort Spa
Groom getting ready in the lodge in Muskoka


Allison: I knew he was the one on our first trip out of town together. We stayed in this horrible motel in a small town in the mountains called Hope. We were going to explore Hells Gate Canyon. Scott somehow managed to turn the funny little motel on the side of a highway and quiet town into an exciting adventure. I knew then he was the man for me!

Scott: I agree that our first trip out of town was a key moment. It gave us the chance to see what this relationship was like when it really was just the two of us. And to this day, that trip still stands out as one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever been on together.

Indoor ceremony in the winter at Trillium Resort and Sp

Ceremony inside Trillium Resort main lodge in winter. Allison and Scott just before their I Dos.


Scott: We had just come from a family wedding where the topic of conversation often turned to when I would pop the question. But, since we were living in different provinces at the time and trying to make the best out of a long distance relationship, I had an easy answer for everyone… not until we live in the same city again. However, when we booked Allison on a last minute trip back to Vancouver to visit her family no more than a week later, I quickly made plans to surprise her with a proposal. We had talked about getting engaged many times before, so it wasn’t a last minute plan but I did have to work quickly to make some final arrangements. So, on the day of the proposal I picked her up from the airport, brought her back to my place where flowers and champagne were waiting. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me… she said YES!

Indoor wedding ceremony Trillium Resort photo
Indoor ceremony Trillium Resort


Allison: Scott has a passionate and adventurous spirit. He takes his work very seriously, and turns every weekend into an adventure. Whether he’s waking me up at 3am to drive 5 hours to ski at a new mountain, or turning a simple day hike into a 30 km trek to the top of a summit, he manages to turn every day into something incredible.

Scott: Allison is a calming influence for me. Just being close to each other makes me feel comfortable and at ease. We also enjoy many of the same activities and inspire each other to try wacky, wild, and ridiculous new adventures.

Winter wedding photography Muskoka
Winter wedding in Muskoka photo


Allison: There are many moments that stand out on that amazing day. But seeing Scott as I walked down the aisle is a moment I’ll never forget. I was so nervous, I was gripping my dad’s arm very tightly, but when I saw the emotion on my new husband’s face it was like the entire room melted away and I couldn’t wait to hold his hands.

Scott: Our first dance was a big moment for me. We had taken several lessons and practiced our dance steps a lot by ourselves at home. But this was really our first chance as a couple (besides the ceremony) where all eyes were back on us for several minutes. It was a fun moment to show our family and friends something we had been working on privately for several months.

Winter Bridesmaid dresses photo


You will have spent your entire engagement planning for this one day. You will have paid professionals to put it together. Allow yourself to be a bit crazy in the lead up to the wedding and make sure you communicate everything you want before hand. Then, on the morning of your wedding, put your trust in the professionals you hired and go along for the ride. That’s what I did and I had a completely stress-free wedding day and was able to be present in every moment.

Groomsmen suits in winter
Bridesmaids winter boots photo


Enjoy it! There is so much planning that goes into that one day and so much that may not go exactly as planned, but don’t let it consume your attention. Focus on each other and make sure you both are taking the time to soak it all in. Remember, it’s a celebration of you as a couple.

First dance wedding photo


We wanted a wedding in a cute little chalet in the snow. When we saw Trillium we knew we had a winner. The wooden beams and fireplaces added warmth to a winter wedding Allison had always dreamed of.

Trillium Resort winter wedding photos
Trillium Resort Lodge wedding photo
Trillium Resort Winter wedding silhouette


Hair & Makeup: Sandra & Wilma (hired by Trillium’s Spa)
Groom and Groomsmen tuxes: Rented from Moore’s
Wedding Dress: Ferre Sposa
Florist: Jane Marshall Flowers
DJ & Photo Booth: Muskoka Touring Company
Rentals: Lucy Myers Events
Piñata cake: Michelle Laratta (Big Ass piñatas)
Transportation: Hammond Transportation
Photographer: Vaughn Barry Photography

Sparkler exit wedding photoo