About Vaughn


Like most people, everything I do is for my girls. They enable me to do a job that I love. They inspire me to be better and to create more opportunities for us as a family. Opportunities to experience new things, travel the world, and make the most of every day.


  • In squeezing the couches together for family movie night.
  • In laughing uncontrollably. Every. Single. Day.
  • If I had an agent he’d clearly be Ari Gold.
  • That my Maple Leafs' time has finally arrived.

Photography isn’t my life - although I clearly love what I do.  My girls are my world.  I’m married to one and helping two others find their way... 3 girls, nothing scares me now.

When I'm are not taking pictures, I can most likely be found:

  • At the rink
  • At camp. Cottage to most, but camp to us
  • Building my bucket list faster than I can tick the boxes
  • With my girls
Moraine Lake


I married way over my head. My knockout wife is my biggest cheerleader, supporter and easily the smartest person I know.


My first born and as sarcastic as her Father. She loves her pup and has inspired me since the day she arrived.


New Release in 2015… she loves snuggles, giggles, morning dances with Dad and commercial-grade bibs.