Base Borden Wedding

Wedding First dance photo at Base Borden Officers Mess

Having been to a wedding or two over the years, you see all kinds… and I’ve come to realize that when it comes to the venues – it’s the ones where the couple has their own personal stamp on them that stand out the most!  Vanessa, Adam and their whole family pitched in in different areas along he way and as soon as I arrived at their family home that Saturday I was warmed with all the effort they’d put into making the day and ambiance just perfect!

Vanessa and Adam reached out to me so long ago that I’ve had plenty of time to get to know them before every snapping a photo which is such a cool feeling.  When we shot their engagement photos not too long ago it was just like showing up to shoot close friends… two friends who are head over heels for one another.  That ooey-gooey-gushiness boiled over when Adam threw a Hulk-sized fist in the air as he kissed his new wife for the very first time… kickass move Batman!

Despite living only a few kms away, this was my first trip to Base Borden and as a typical guy would be – I was as giddy as a little kid walking among the tanks and fighter jets on display.  I fought the urge to go on a tank photo-bender and kept the wheels on the tracks.  Later at the Borden Officer’s Mess for the reception I took a few moments to tour around – as a total history nerd this was like a quadruple dose of Red Bull.

Bridesmaids workin it

But let’s turn things over to the King and Queen of the day to hear what they thought of their day…

Vanessa:  That’s such a hard question. Every little detail of the day was amazing. From going to the salon with my sister and my mom, to getting ready with the girls, finally seeing Adam when I walked the aisle. The dinner, the dances, seeing all the hard work come together.  If I had to pick just one thing I loved most it would be turning the corner as I walked down the aisle, and finally seeing Adam face to face. From that moment on it was as if no one else was there.

Adam:  What I loved most about the wedding was having all my extended family meeting my new beautiful wife and meeting all her extended family, and having them celebrate our love all night with us. I wish it went on a lot longer, I was having a great time with everyone and wish I had more time in the night to spend with them. It went by far too fast.

Bridal Portrait

Vanessa: I have 3 that come to mind.  First would have to be when my sister gave me the letter that Adam had wrote for me to open on the wedding day. I barely got thru the first two sentences before I began to cry.
Second would have to be when all the girls lined up to walk out, I looked at my sister and just started to cry, tears of happiness, and nerves. You can’t really explain how you feel in that moment, other than that it’s emotional.
Third would be my sisters speech, I don’t think I’ll every forget those couple minutes while she was up there. I couldn’t be more proud of her for doing that

Adam:  The first most memorable moment from the day was when Vanessa was walking down the aisle – so beautiful. I thought I wouldn’t start crying but as she walked down the isle with her grandfather I found myself fighting back the tears.
The Second memorable moment was hanging out with all my family members that I don’t get to see often, it was a blast drinking,dressing up and playing games with them.
Third, I have to say Vanessa’s dress, it was so difficult to get her out of it, it was like breaking into Fort Knox. Lol

Groomsmen at Ceremony

Vanessa:  My Adam, where to begin.  He has been such a huge source of support throughout this whole process, more so than before we began planning, so when the day finally came it was nice to able to see him let loose and enjoy all of our hard work. There’s so much I could say about him but I’ll settle with this. I am so beyond proud of him and to be able to finally call him my husband.

Adam:  Vanessa – since our first date I new I wanted to marry her, she makes my life a happier place, she’s my partner in crime and the one who puts me straight if I step out of line, the one who listens when I need to vent. I love her.

Groom Fist Pump First Kiss photo
Vanessa:  Have a timeline for all your vendors but don’t get stressed out when you fall behind. Everyone says it but it’s true, the day goes by ridiculously fast so make sure to sit back and enjoy it when you can, Even take a 5 minute break alone just you and your husband to take it all in.

 Adam:  The best wedding tip I can give is don’t stress, everything will work out. And make sure you party hard and have a great time, it goes by so fast so make sure you make lots of good memories.

Groom Portrait at Base Borden

Wedidng Bridal Party at Base Borden photo


Photographer:  Vaughn Barry, the other best investment we made for our day (along with DJMastermix below). The day wouldn’t have been the same had we chose anyone other than you. Your personality and love for what you do was exactly what we were looking for. Not only did we gain an awesome photographer, we gained a friend.

DJ:  We used Michael Roberts from DJMastermix and I will recommend him to anyone and everyone any chance I get. He was our emcee as well and honestly was one of the best investments we made. Attentive, personable, professional. He has it all.

Cassandra Makeup and DJ Mastermix

Makeup by Cassandra and DJ Mastermix action shots.

Florist: We used Nineteen Melrose (Marilyn Ruyter) as our florist. Her prices were awesome and reasonable, was able to work within the budget I gave her and the final product was exactly what I told her I wanted. She was spunky and friendly and made the experience personal and not just as a business transaction.

Hair/Makeup: My hair was done by Lucia at The Hair Gallery in Alliston.  I told her my vision and let her work her magic. I wanted something soft, flowy and romantic, and that’s exactly what I got. She was friendly, attentive and really knows what she’s doing!



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