Song Ideas for your Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Wedding Dance Photo

Father Daughter dance at the Barrie Country Club | Barrie, Ontario

Father Daughter dance photos are some of my favourites at a wedding! Here are some song ideas

Father Daughter dance photos get me every time at weddings – despite all the amazing photo opportunities that arise each wedding day, they still jerk my lip.  The walk down the aisle is an emotional journey for both Father and Daughter, however later that evening there’s a special moment when Dad gets his little all to himself.  Without fail, every time this moment arrives the back of my camera fogs up on me.  You’d think that shooting weddings would prepare me for the day when I’m that Father dancing with my Cinderella… but I just know I’ll be a mess.

So for those of you looking for some Father Daughter dance song ideas, here’s just a few of my favourites… if you have another one, I’m always looking to add to the list – please leave a comment/recommendation!

Good luck on the big day and regardless of the song, the venue, the guests… soak up the moment and remember the day is really about the important people in your life!

Father Daughter Wedding Dance Song Ideas

Father Daughter Wedding Dance at the Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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