Destination Wedding at Majestic Colonial | Sara and Adam

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Back at the Majestic Colonial in the Dominican Republic with my fellow Canadians Sara and Adam

My travels often take me to the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana – after so many weddings here you’d think I’d have had enough.  Hell no!  The variety it has to offer keeps it fresh every visit which is exactly how I like it.  The grounds staff at the Majestic Elegance and Colonial have them in tip top shape – ideal for the lush tropical photos Brides and Grooms expect when they travel south.

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The end of chicken and rice!!  Sara and Adam are competitive body builders, or at least they were.  Their destination wedding in sunny Punta Cana marks the official end of their weight lifting days, no more f’n chicken and rice says Adam!  “Scarfoot” and the “Pink Panther” as I’ve come to nickname them, were two of the sweetest and kind individuals I’d ever met – and the way the fall all over each other is inspiring.

Majestic Colonial Wedding Photo

Tip:  Keep your shoes on!  Adam’s nickname comes from an small accident at the reception – don’t worry, happy ending accident!  As with most of my destination weddings, the bridal party and half their group ended up in the pool towards the end of the reception – clothes and all! Also like most, they ran back to the Wet Bar dance floor to continue the party shortly afterwards… dripping wet and some never bothering to put their shoes/sandals back on.  Well, as old man Murphy’s law reaffirmed itself with the Adam stepping on some broken glass and slicing his foot wide open.  Not a pretty sight!  The happy-ending was that he was surrounded by the Bride and many other friends – all of whom are nurses back home in Canada.  They had him fixed up in no time flat… although the boys were thinking Scarfoot was dragging it on a little longer enjoying all the nurse’s attention!

As always, I loved my time here at the Majestic once again, even moreso that my wife came along for this particular trip!  She picks one destination wedding trip per year to come along on and those are always my favs… I know I know, I’m such a kiss-ass!  Take notes Adam, that’s how it’s done!

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